Mission Statement

To prepare every SAU #7 student for success in whatever path they choose.

Pittsburg School District
12 School Street 
Pittsburg, NH 03592

Phone: 538-6536
Fax: 538-6996

Principal: Mrs. Elaine Sherry

Special Announcements

Be sure to take a look at the different sections on this website.  Teachers are frequently posting assignments, class rules, and more.  We hope that you find our website useful.  Let us know what you think.    Please be sure to check frequently to see if there are new additions. 

Pittsburg School Board Hearing: To withdraw and expand up to $55,000 from the Facility Maintenance Expendable Trust for the replacement of the dust collection system in the Technology Education Shop. Monday, June 25, 2018 6:00 PM. Pittsburg School Conference Room.

Yearbooks: 2018 yearbooks are available for sale for just $35.  Contact Mr. Covill for information.

School is out!  Enjoy a safe and happy summer, everyone.  See you again on Tuesday, August 28.

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