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Meet Elly March


Pittsburg School’s receptionist, Mrs. Elly March (also known as Miss Elly) grew up in Windham, NH and attended Methuen High School where her favorite classes were English and Math.  She also enjoyed participating in drama club and the art classes.  In high school Miss Elly was part of the cheering squad and also participated in dance. Her favorite science project was doing an autopsy on a frog when she was in high school, and she really loved working on scenery for school plays as well.  Following high school, she went to Boston, MA for continuing education at Dance Masters of America.  Miss Elly loved taking classes from great dance masters from all over the United States and is a master dancer herself.

Growing up, Miss Elly’s favorite stories were the Grimm’s Fairy Tales, which her mother read to her every day. She and her three siblings and friends had fun playing hide and seek and also cowboys and Indians when they were children.  Her family had a farm where they raised turkeys, chickens, and pigs and also had a huge garden.

Miss Elly and her husband have lots of pets including Tara Teagan, a red poodle; Nora Jean, a white poodle; three Siamese cats named Nellie Alyse, Kelly Kathleen, and Fiona May; two parrots (a blue and gold macaw named Kalei and an elclectus named Kalikiocaki); and a barn cat named Possum Big Foot.  That’s a pretty impressive array of animals isn’t it?

When Miss Elly and her husband go on vacation, their favorite destination is the ocean in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, and Pismo Beach in California.   Miss Elly’s favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter, and her favorite holiday food is fudge. Her favorite comedian is Ellen DeGeneres, and her favorite cartoon is Felix the Cat.

Before coming to Pittsburg School to work, Miss Elly taught dance at New England College and at the Manchester Music School; she was also a professional dancer at Tahiti Nui Kaiwai in Hawaii.  Later, she was a manager at Brown & Sons Oil Company; she also drove the oil truck for that company and drove a bus later in Windham, NH.

Miss Elly is quoted as saying, “I love the children here at Pittsburg School and their happy faces.  Teaching dance was the most enlightening experience in my life.  I love the diversity [I have experienced in my life] and have always lived life to the fullest.  I believe that I can do my own thing [anything].  My personal motto is ‘I can do anything, good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.’”

Updated January 2015