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Meet Miss Emilie Smith

Meet Miss Emilie Smith:


Miss Smith is our history/social studies teacher here at Pittsburg School.  She teaches ancient civilizations, world history, U.S. history, economics, NH history, psychology, and civics!  That’s a lot of subjects to cover.  She said her favorite subject to teach is ancient civilizations since she loves learning and teaching about ancient things that we still have and use today and about new things that are being discovered all of the time.  Asked what she likes about teaching, Miss Smith replied, “I like sharing things that I know with students and engaging them to learn.  I love bringing my passion to them and knowing that I have made a difference.” Before working here with us, she taught at Epping High School.  Currently, she also works doing office work at her aunt’s office, in addition to her teaching duties here at Pittsburg School.  She’s been teaching 11 years now and puts in about eight hours a day on her work.  She decided to become a teacher because she enjoys helping others and always wanted to make a difference.  In her classroom, Miss Smith’s favorite projects are where students build things and can put their own spin on things.


Miss Smith grew up in Colebrook, NH and said that her favorite subject in school was English.  She does not have her masters’ degree.  Miss Smith went to Plymouth State University to get her college degree.  In college, her favorite thing was meeting new people and the gym.  Her least favorite thing was 8:00 a.m. classes!


Miss Smith enjoys reading fantasy books and historical books.  She said she likes to cook also.  Miss Smith has never been up Mt. Washington.  She says that her favorite season is winter because she enjoys snow, snowmobiling and snow-shoeing.  In her spare time, Miss Smith visit with friends and family, reads, snowmobiles, cooks, and goes to the beach.  Asked about what she feels is her best talent, Miss Smith replied, “My ability to be approachable and to help others.” She has a cat named Maggie.


Favorite things for Miss Smith are:

Food: Macaroni and cheese

Art Work: Monet’s paintings and watercolors

Holiday: Halloween

Sport: Football

Sports Team: Patriots

Thing to do in winter: Ride her snowmobile

Thing to do in summer: kayak, family barbecues, going to the beach with friends

Vacation place: Wells, Maine

TV Show: Criminal Minds

Color: Blue

Type of Car: Camaro

Candy: Reese’s peanut butter cups

Type of music: Rock and country

Dream Place to visit: Bora Bora because she loves the ocean and swimming

Toy growing up: Skip-It


Asked what she enjoys most about working with us here at Pittsburg School, Miss Smith replied, “I love that I have small classes, and that I can get to know my students well.  I really like my co-workers; everyone is so nice.”

Updated Jan. 2018