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Meet Mr. Bridger DeWitt

Meet Mr. Bridger DeWitt:


Mr.  DeWitt is our fifth and sixth grade teacher and also our assistant principal.  He grew up in Nashville, TN and also in Burke, VA.  He said his favorite subject in school was lunch! (He has quite a sense of humor doesn’t he?)  He went to college at Northern Arizona University where he enjoyed learning new things.  At this time, he does not have his master’s degree.  Here at Pittsburg School he teaches all subjects and loves to see students learning every day.  His favorite things to teach are math and social studies because he likes both history and numbers.  Mr. DeWitt has been teaching for 26 years now and says he puts in about nine hours a day on his job.  He decided to become a teacher because he’s always enjoyed helping others, which is what he says his best talent is.


Before working with us here at Pittsburg School, Mr. DeWitt worked at Harvest Elementary School in Homeland, CA.  In addition to working here with us, Mr. DeWitt also works at one of the state parks here in Pittsburg. 


Mr. DeWitt likes to cook and to read.  His favorite kinds of books to read are fantasy or science fiction.  He and his family have three cats and a dog.  He has been up Mt. Washington.  Mr. DeWitt’s favorite season is fall when he can hike or go canoeing.  In his spare time, he hikes, reads, or watches movies.


Mr. DeWitt’s list of favorites:

Food: pizza

Type of art work: abstract

Holiday: Christmas

Sport: playing basketball and watching football

Sports Team: Green Bay Packers and the Cleveland Indians

Thing to do in winter: Cross country ski

Thing to do in summer: canoe

Vacation place: anywhere with his family

Color: Red and black

Type of car: 1957 Chevy Bellaire

Candy: Butterfingers and Skittles

Type of music: all music except country or heavy metal

Dream place to visit: Australia because he’s never been

Toy growing up: Legos


Asked what he likes most about teaching here at Pittsburg School, Mr. DeWitt said, “I really like the family atmosphere.”

Updated Jan. 2018