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Meet Mrs. Emily Bernhardt

Meet Mrs. Emily Bernhardt:


Mrs. Bernhardt is our physical education teacher at Pittsburg School.  Her favorite thing to teach is badminton because she loves playing such an active sport.  She grew up right here in Pittsburg and said her favorite subject in school was physical education.  She went to Keene State College for her first degree and to Kaplan University for her degree in health and wellness.  Though she does not have a master’s degree, she does have two bachelor’s degrees.  Her favorite part of her time in college was the fact that she was a part of a Christian organization called Campus Crusade for Christ.  Final exams were her least favorite part of college.


Before starting to work at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Bernhardt worked at The American School of Gymnastics in Keene, NH.  She said that her other job besides the one she has here is being a mom.  Her favorite projects in the classroom were when she had her students do an informational MovieMaker presentation about a sport or fitness topic.


Mrs. Bernhardt said she decided to become a teacher because of her mother.  “I watched her teach for years, and I wanted to make a difference like her.  She was my role model. I also loved sports and working with children so PE was perfect,” she said. At this point, she has been teaching for 15 years.


Mrs.  Bernhardt does not enjoy cooking or reading.  She has been up Mt. Washington by car and by Cog Railway.  She said she might like to hike it one day.


Mrs. Bernhardt’s favorite season is fall when she hunts, fishes, and hikes.  In her spare time, she watches sports, enjoys being outside, and “most of all hanging with my boys.”  She said that she feels her best talent is “the athletic ability that the Lord gave me, especially being able to play badminton with my left hand, right students?”



Type of art work: paintings and photography

Holiday: Christmas

Sport: playing basketball and watching all of the Boston teams

Sports team: all of the New England teams (Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots)

Thing to do in winter: snowshoe and snowmobile

Things to do in summer: hike

Vacation place: Disney cruise

TV Show: American Housewife

Color: green

Candy: peanut M & M’s

Type of music: country

Dream place to visit: Alaska

Toy growing up: her Red Radio Flyer wagon


Asked what she likes most about teaching here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Bernhardt said, “I graduated from Pittsburg School so it is great to be back and now teaching here.  Being able to teach all ages (K-12) is the best and keeps me on my toes.”

Updated Jan. 2018