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Meet Mrs. Christine Cote

Meet Mrs. Christine Cote:


Mrs. Cote works here with us doing occupational therapy with students.  She grew up here in Pittsburg and said her favorite subject in school was English.  She enjoys reading historical fiction.  This has been her only job since she left college; she’s been doing it for 19 years now.  Mrs. Cote also works at the Colebrook and Stewartstown schools.  She works here on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about four hours a day.


Mrs. Cote enjoys cooking.  Asked if she had ever climbed Mt. Washington, she said, “I haven’t been brave enough yet to drive up, but I have hiked several of the surrounding mountains.”  Her favorite season is summer when she likes to hike, swim, kayak, and do garden work.  In her spare time, Mrs. Cote does quilting and gardening.  She said she feels her best talent is sewing.



Food: spinach and chocolate

Holiday: Christmas

Sport: basketball

Sports team: Red Sox

Thing to do in winter: snowshoe

Thing to do in summer: kayak

Vacation place: anywhere by the ocean

TV Show: Amazing Race

Color: red

Candy: chocolate

Type of music: 80’s

Dream place to visit: New Zealand because it looks beautiful

Toy growing up: the board game called Life


Mrs. Cote says that her favorite thing about working here with us is the students and the friendly staff.

Updated Jan. 2018