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Meet Mrs. Jeralds


Mrs. Tammy Jeralds is our Family and Consumer Science teacher here at Pittsburg School.  She grew up in Hampton, NH with six siblings!  When she was 15, she and her family moved to Barrington, NH.  Mrs. Jeralds graduated from Portsmouth High School.  While in high school, Mrs. Jeralds helped to start a group called Home Economics Related Occupations (HERO for short).  She became the president of this group.  In high school, her favorite subject was child care and development and as part of that class she was able to teach pre-schoolers every fourth week.  Though she did not play sports in high school, Mrs. Jeralds was a majorette and twirled batons during football games.  While attending college at Vermont College (where she earned her BA) and at Lesley College (where she earned her M.Ed), Mrs. Jeralds really loved learning as well as meeting new friends.  She especially enjoyed student teaching with Jeannine Brady at Canaan School.

When asked about her favorite science project in school, Mrs. Jeralds said she loved making a volcano and getting it to erupt.  Her favorite art project was learning to do string art.

As a child, Mrs. Jeralds liked reading Nancy Drew books because she loved the adventures that the girl detectives experienced.  Games she enjoyed playing as a child were hopscotch, Chinese jump rope, tag, and hide and seek.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeralds have a ten-year-old golden retriever named Zeb and a cat named Miss Monet; she is nine years old.

When planning a vacation, Mrs. Jeralds loves to make a trip to the seacoast because she gets to visit with family and old friends, visit the ocean, and eat seafood!  Her favorite comedian was Robin Williams, but she also loves Adam Sandler.  Her favorite cartoon is Rugrats. 

Before coming to Pittsburg, Mrs. Jeralds worked as the dispatch supervisor for the Exeter Police Department where they dispatched the Exeter police and also eight fire and rescue towns. 

Asked what she likes best about working here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Jeralds replied, “The students!  They make me want to come to work…[I love] watching students’ excitement when they learn new things.”  Asked what she likes best about her life, she answered, “my family….they fill my heart [followed by] my job and where I live.”  Mrs. Jeralds says that her personal motto is, “Live and let live; and healthy mind/healthy body.”

Updated January 2015