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Meet Mrs. Misty Blais

Meet Mrs. Misty Blais


Mrs. Blais is our Title I teacher.  She works about seven hours a week helping students with their math and reading skills.  She grew up in Englewood, FL, a small fishing town on the west coast of Florida.  Her favorite subject in school was math.


After she left high school, Mrs. Blais went to the University of South Florida where she really enjoyed meeting a wide array of people from all around the world. 


She enjoys reading good mysteries and spends her spare time with family and friends. Mrs. Blais loves to cook and likes to watch cooking shows and try new recipes.


Mrs. Blais and her husband have three dogs.  They have a teacup Chihuahua named Jake, an Australian Cattle dog named Piper, and a mix named Gracie.  They also have a cat named Zoey, but Zoey is living with their daughter right now.


Mrs. Blais and her husband, Justin, recently moved to Pittsburg.  They enjoy being outside and that is one of the reasons they moved up here because Florida is too hot for a lot of outside activities.  She has hiked up Mt. Washington and driven to the top of Mt. Washington as well.  She loves all of the different seasons, though she hasn’t yet been here in the fall.  She is quoted as saying, “I hear that it is amazing.”  She hikes, kayaks, canoes, goes tubing in the Connecticut River, goes paddle boarding, swimming, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and four-wheeling.


Mrs. Blais was inspired to become a teacher by her first grade teacher, who made learning lots of fun.  “She was so creative,” says Mrs. Blais.  In the past she has worked as a first grade teacher, a second grade teacher, a fifth grade teacher, and a STEM lab teacher at Myakka River Elementary School in Florida.  She taught there for 16 years.  Her favorite subject to teach is STEM.  She says, “The students do not realize they are learning.  In STEM, the students have to identify a problem, brainstorm ideas, design a plan, build, test, and evaluate, share and redesign all while working together and collaborating.”  Mrs. Blais said that her favorite STEM project was having the students work together to create an escape room!  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


Favorite things:

·         Food: Chicken Marsala

·         Type of art work: Maxfield Parrish

·         Holiday: Christmas

·         Sport: Volleyball

·         Sports Team: Detroit Red Wings

·         Thing to do in winter: snowshoe

·         Thing to do in summer: travel

·         Vacation place: Escalante, UT

·         TV show: Big Bang Theory

·         Color: green

·         Type of car: Porsche Cayenne

·         Candy: Peanut M & M’s

·         Type of music: independent music

·         Dream place to visit: Ireland; she says, “I want to see the cliffs and the beautiful castles.”

·         Toy growing up: “I collected stuffed animals when I was younger.”


Asked what she likes about working at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Blais replied, “I love how we are like a big family; everyone takes care of everyone.”  She added, “I like the feeling of accomplishment, seeing students grow in knowledge, confidence, and skills.  That is what I love about teaching.”