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Meet Mrs. Phillips


Mrs. Amanda Phillips is our resource room teacher.  She grew up in Waterford, VT, which is right near St. Johnsbury.  Her favorite book is called The Giving Tree.  Mrs. Phillips says, “I liked how the tree was willing to give all that she had to the boy/man [in that book].”  Mrs. Phillips grew up with a brother and sister, and they enjoyed playing Hide and Seek, tag, and checkers.  When she was a child, she lived on a farm and had chickens.

Mrs. Phillips attended St. Johnsbury Academy in high school where she particularly loved her science classes and hanging out with friends.  Her most favorite science experiment was building a volcano and watching it explode.  Mrs. Phillips participated in both basketball and field hockey.

Following high school, Mrs. Phillips attended Green Mountain College where she especially enjoyed doing her student teaching.

Asked about her family pets, Mrs. Phillips let us know that she and her family have two dogs named Dallas and Willow and also a cat named Lucky.  Her favorite holiday is Christmas, when she really loves eating cheesecake.  Jeff Dunham is Mrs. Phillips’ favorite comedian, and she likes the cartoon Garfield.  Mrs. Phillips and her family like to go to Florida on their vacations as they get to visit with her husband’s family.

Before coming here to work at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Phillips worked at the Guildhall School over in Vermont.  Here at our school she said, “The thing I like most about working at Pittsburg School is working with the students that struggle and seeing the looks on their faces or how they respond when they finally get a concept.  I enjoy working with students that have difficulty.  It especially makes me happy when they understand a concept that they struggle with.”  Outside of school, Mrs. Phillips says, “I enjoy spending time with my family doing outdoor activities.”

Updated January 2015