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Meet Mrs. Tammy Purrington

Meet Mrs. Tammy Purrington:


Mrs. Purrington, better known as Miss Tammy, works with speech and language development here at Pittsburg School.  She grew up in Clarksville, NH and said her favorite subject in school was business.  She enjoys reading murder and mystery stories.  Before working here with us, she worked at Ethan Allen in Beecher Falls.  She’s been working with us here for nine years and works about six and a half hours a day.


Miss Tammy and her family have one cat named Fluffy.  She enjoys cooking.  She said she’s never been up Mt. Washington because she’s afraid of heights.


Miss Tammy’s favorite season is fall when she likes nature walking and just being outside.  In her spare time, Miss Tammy reads, does puzzles, and spends time with her family.  She feels that her best talent is her organizational skills.



Food: haddock

Holiday: Christmas

Sport: baseball

Sports Team: Red Sox

Thing to do in winter: stay inside, read, and make puzzles

Thing to do in summer: go on hikes and relax by the beach

Vacation place: Disney

TV Show: The Good Doctor

Color: Purple

Type of car: Toyota

Candy: Swedish fish

Type of music: country and 80’s rock

Dream place to visit: Any place by the crystal blue water because it is so peaceful and beautiful

Toy growing up: Barbies


Asked what she likes about working with us here at Pittsburg school, Miss Tammy replied, “The children, staff, and the small community environment.”

Updated Jan. 2018