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Meet Mrs. Sargent


Mrs. Deborah Sargent teaches art here at our school.  She grew up in Plaistow, NH with her two sisters, and graduated from Timberlane Regional High School.  Once, when she was young, she and her family moved from one part of Plaistow to a new home that her Dad built for the family.  When she was six years old, Mrs. Sargent had 12 chicks.  Her Dad’s two sisters also had 12 chicks each.  Once they all got bigger, all 36 chickens came to Mrs. Sargent’s house.  Since they all turned out to be roosters, they ended up in the freezer!

She really had fun in her high school art classes and enjoyed spending time in the darkroom developing black and white pictures.  Developing pictures like that was her favorite art project.  In high school, Mrs. Sargent was the softball team manager.  She said that her favorite science project was dissecting a fetal pig. 

Nancy Drew mysteries were Mrs. Sargent’s favorite childhood books.  She said, “Nancy was always on an adventure, following clues to solve a crime.”  She liked to play hide and seek and playing outside digging in the dirt and raking pine needles to create houses.  She said, “I also loved my Barbie doll and making clothes for her.”

Robin Williams is Mrs. Sargent’s favorite comedian.  She said, “He was funny in so many different roles.  I loved him most in Mork and Mindy.”  Mighty Mouse was her favorite cartoon.

Mrs. Sargent is active with the community group called Connecticut River Artisans Group (CRAG for short).  “We promote the arts in the North Country,” she says.  She and her husband have two miniature poodles, Sophie and Rosie.  They are half-sisters, as they have the same mother.

Scotland is Mrs. Sargent’s favorite vacation destination.  “The country is very magical and beautiful with many historical and interesting places to visit,” she said.

Before coming to work here in Pittsburg, Mrs. Sargent taught at Timberlane Regional Middle School in Plaistow, NH.  Here at Pittsburg School, she says she likes, “the smallness and family atmosphere and knowing all of the students.”  She likes the “experience of watching my students apply new knowledge that they learned in my class.”

Asked what she likes most about her life, she replied, “Everything.  I love where I live, I have a wonderful family, and I love my teaching job.  I love being able to do my art work.”  She has two personal mottos: “Make every day a good day, and do a little good every day” and “Kindness Rules!”

Updated January 2015