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Meet Mrs. Sherry

Mrs. Elaine Burbank Sherry is the principal of Pittsburg School.  She grew up in Moultonborough, New Hampshire along with her nine siblings.  As a child, Mrs. Sherry enjoyed playing 500 rummy, Yahtzee, kick the can, Monopoly, and Sorry.  She also liked to read Nancy Drew stories saying these books were special to her because she enjoyed “the mystery and the fact that it was a series.”

Mrs. Sherry attended Kingswood Regional High School and also Moultonborough Academy.  She said that she most “enjoyed my group of friends and the teachers” there.  Her favorite subjects were biology and psychology.  She did not participate in high school sports.  Her favorite science project was a project on the various biomes.  She also recalled having fun in art doing a nice grid drawing of a castle.

Following high school, Mrs. Sherry attended both Springfield College in Massachusetts and Plymouth State University.  While in college, she really enjoyed delving into all of her coursework and learning new things.

Mrs. Sherry and her family have several pets including her Scottish terrier, Homer; their West Highland white terrier, Zopy; and Trapper, their giant Schnauzer.  In the past she has lived on a farm and has had chickens too.

Thanksgiving is Mrs. Sherry’s favorite holiday.  She enjoys feasting on lamb and butternut squash.  After Thanksgiving, she loves having soup made from the leftover turkey.

Asked about her favorite cartoon, she stated that it is “Bugs Bunny”; her favorite comedian is Steve Martin.

Mrs. Sherry had a hard time answering the question about her favorite vacation destination.  She said, “I started listing all the places I have been because there is something wonderful about each and every one, but, if I had to choose one, it would be Savannah, Georgia.  The old Victorian [houses] are breath-taking.”

Before coming to work here at Pittsburg School on July 1, 2015, Mrs. Sherry was employed by the Lisbon Regional School District.  She stated that her favorite thing about teaching are the “student ‘ah-ha’ moments.” Her family, her dogs, and her career are very special to her.  She said that her personal motto is, “Be kind to everyone because your kindness could change or save a life.”