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Meet Mrs. Tanya Young

Meet Mrs. Tanya Young:

Mrs. Tanya Young is our school nurse; she grew up right here in Pittsburg!  In school, her favorite subject was science.  Before coming back here to work, Mrs. Young worked at the Indian Stream Health Center.  She had worked as our nurse from 1997-2010 but left here for the job at the clinic.  She came back per diem in 2015 and then returned to our school fulltime in 2017.  She works approximately eight hours a day.


Mrs. Young doesn’t particularly enjoy reading unless it is magazines or fixer-upper books.  She and her husband have two dachshunds (Oliver Gunther Young and Ella Grace Young) and a cat named Rascal Young.  She enjoys cooking sometimes though she says she gets tired of fixing supper five nights a week!


Mrs. Young has never been up Mt. Washington.  She says her favorite seasons are summer and fall.  She enjoys walking in any season.  In the summer, she likes to sit in the sun, go to the beach, and go kayaking.  In the fall, she loves to look at the brilliant colors of the leaves.  In her spare time, Mrs. Young takes walks, spends time with her family, and has fun doing rehab on old antiques turning them into something functional.


Asked what she feels is her best talent, Mrs. Young replied, “I don’t really have a lot of talent.  I am a Carriage Lane player and enjoy acting.”


Mrs. Young’s Favorites:

Food: Spaghetti and baked stuffed shrimp

Art Work: Antiques, especially those that were in her family

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Sport: basketball and football

Sports Team: Patriots and the Yellow Jackets

Thing to do in winter: walk

Thing to do in summer: walk

Vacation place: Maine

TV Show: Fixer Upper

Color: pink and gray

Type of car: Jeep or Murano

Candy: Reese’s peanut butter cups

Type of Music: pop and 80’s music

Dream place to visit: Italy because it seems romantic and beautiful

Toy growing up: A Mrs. Beasley doll and Barbie dolls


Asked what she likes most about working with us here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Young said, “It is like working with family and being at home.  I was raised in Pittsburg, graduated from Pittsburg, and live in Pittsburg.”

Updated Jan. 2018