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Meet Ms. Wanda Merrill

Meet Ms. Wanda Merrill:



Ms. Merrill is our first grade teacher here at Pittsburg School.  She grew up right here in Pittsburg and said her favorite subject in school was math.  She went to college at Plymouth State University and found that she really didn’t like being away from home.  She does not have her master’s degree.  Currently, she teaches math, reading, science, social studies, phonics, grammar, and spelling to her first graders.  Her favorite subject to teach is math because she likes working with numbers and solving problems. Her favorite projects in her classroom all have to do with S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and math).  She said that she always wanted to become a teacher from the time she was just six years old.


Before working here at Pittsburg School, Ms. Merrill worked at Colebrook Elementary.  In addition to her job here at our school, she is the Pittsburg Summer Rec. director.  She’s been teaching for 30 years now, and said that she puts in about nine hours a day on her job.

Ms. Merrill and her family have a chocolate lab named Emma, a black lab named Gracie, and a cat named Harley.  She does not enjoy cooking very much.  She said that she has been up Mt. Washington.  Asked for her favorite season, she said it was summer.  Ms. Merrill spends her spare time outside walking, hiking, and biking.


Ms. Merrill’s favorites:

Food: shrimp

Art work: animal art

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Sport: baseball/softball

Sports Team: Pittsburg Panthers

Thing to do in winter: snowmobile

Thing to do in summer: go to the beach and go kayaking

Vacation place: Maine

TV Show: The Voice, American Idol

Color: blue

Type of car: jeeps

Candy: M&M’s

Type of music: country

Dream place to visit: Hawaii

Toy growing up: Barbies


Asked what she likes about teaching, Ms. Merrill replied, “I love to teach children to love to learn! I love the “aha” moments, and I love to listen to the stories that the children share each day!  I am proud to be teaching in the school that I graduated from.”

  Updated Jan. 2018