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Meet Ms. Merrill

Ms. Wanda Merrill is our first grade teacher here at Pittsburg School.  After moving to Pittsburg from Clarksville, Ms. Merrill went to school here and is a graduate of Pittsburg School herself.  Ms. Merrill has a brother and a sister.  As a child, Ms. Merrill liked to play hide and seek, and she stated that her favorite book was Charlotte’s Web.  Her favorite characters in that book were Wilbur and Charlotte.

While in high school, Ms. Merrill’s favorite subject was math.  She had lots of friends, enjoyed learning from all of her teachers, and she, along with everyone else, had a lot of Panther Pride.  Though she didn’t have a science project that was a favorite, she did relate the fact that she loved all her art projects.  She said, “I especially liked still life drawing.  I remember drawing a vase of flowers and pussy willows in a vase.”

Ms. Merrill attended Plymouth State College after high school where she earned her bachelors’ degree in elementary education with a minor in psychology and early childhood. 

Robin Williams is Ms. Merrill’s favorite comedian and her favorite cartoon is Scooby Doo.  Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday, and she said that her favorite holiday food is baked stuffed shrimp.  Ms. Merrill’s favorite vacation destination is Nevis Island.  She said, “It is like paradise.  The water is beautiful and the sand is so white and the temperatures are hot.”

Ms. Merrill has two cats, named Harley and Crazy, and two dogs, Emma and Gracie; her dogs are labs.  Ms. Merrill is active in the Farnham Memorial Church here in town helping the UMWM at various functions and fundraisers when needed.  She also belongs to Delta Kappa Gamma, which is a teacher organization that promotes professional and personal growth for women educators and excellence in education.  Her personal motto is the Serenity Prayer which says, “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Asked about teaching here at Pittsburg School, Ms. Merrill replied, “I love working at Pittsburg School because it has been “my” school my whole life.  I love the small “family” community that we have here.  I love watching children’s faces when they have the “aha” moment.  I love helping students reach for the stars!”

Updated Jan. 2015