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Mrs. Haynes

December 14, 2018


Kindergarten Newsletter

             This week we focused on the story, “Little Quack,” by Lauren Thompson and in particular, the comprehension skill of understanding the plot of the story.  This week we also started working on the letter K.  Over the course of this week, we practiced the proper way to make an uppercase and lowercase K as well as the sound that the letter K makes.  Our letter of the week next week will be the letter F and we will continue working on our word wall words. 

            This week we began a new unit in mathematics dealing with ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc).  We will finish this unit before vacation.       

            Our social studies unit this week was needs and wants.  We discussed the difference between needs and wants and how people earn money for the things they need and want. 

            Our science unit for this week was the sun.  We discussed how the sun provides us with light and heat.  We also discussed how the sun can only be seen during the day, as well as how the sun rises and sets each day.      


Holiday Party

            On Friday December 21st, we will be celebrating our holiday party with the first grade.  Each year, I ask the students to bring in one wrapped gift for a boy or a girl that costs between $5 and $10.  Therefore, if your child is a boy, they will bring in a wrapped gift for a boy with a label for a boy on it.  The same thing applies if your child is a girl, except they will bring in a wrapped girls gift with a label on it for a girl.  During out holiday party, those children who brought in a gift will receive a gift from under our tree.  Boys will exchange with boys and girls will exchange with girls.  Please send in your child’s wrapped gift by Tuesday December 18th

             Friday is not technically a preschool day, but preschoolers will be invited to participate on that day.  So if you plan on bringing anything in to share on that day, please plan for 14 students altogether.  Here is a list of what everyone has signed up to bring so far:

                        Sweet Treat- Mia and Bensen &Brysen

                        Fruit- Jaclyn

                        Drinks- Cole and Harper

                        Popcorn- Conner

                        Paper Products- Khloe and Harper


Word Wall Words

            I                       am                   the                   a                      to                     red

            blue                 have                 is                      purple              yellow              green

            we                    my                   like                  at                     as                     orange

            he                    for                   white                in                     it                      brown

            me                   with                 this                   by                    pink                 an       

            can                   black                and                  did                   gray                 see

            look                 *one                *zero               *all

(*will be introduced next week)


Amazing Words (vocab. words that we will be discussing that relate to our reading story)

            Celebration- an event that honors someone or something

            Barn- a farm building where animals stay and their food is stored

            Arch- a curved structure over an opening

            Sprinted- raced very quickly for a short distance

            Blacksmith- makes things from iron by heating and hammering the iron into shapes

            Soldier- a person who serves in the army


Upcoming Dates

TODAY December 14th- Progress Reports go Home

Tuesday December 18th- Bring in gift for gift exchange

Wednesday December 19th- Holiday Concert K-6 and High School Chorus @6:30-8:30

                         in the Auditorium

            Friday December 21st- Classroom Holiday Party (with grade 1)

Monday December 24th- Tuesday January 1st- No School- Christmas Break


Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!

Mrs. Haynes