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Mrs. Haynes

February 21, 2020


Kindergarten Newsletter


Big Idea: Where will our adventures take us?

Question of the week: What kind of adventures can you have in the city?

Book: “Abuela,” by Arthur Dorros

Genre: Fantasy

Comprehension Skill: Setting     

Amazing Words:

            City- a place where many people live and work

            Harbor- a place to park a boat

            Flock- a group of birds

            Abuela- Spanish word for grandmother

            Adventure- something exciting to do

            Airport- a place where airplanes take off and land

Sight Words: review week

Phonics: /e/ Spelled Ee

Phonemic Awareness: Initial and Medial /e/



Compose and Decompose Numbers 11-19

            Students will learn about composing and decomposing numbers 11-19 by showing these numbers as the sum of 10 and some more ones.  He or she will also learn to write equations to show these numbers in different ways. 



Be Healthy

            Students will learn that exercise, eating healthy food and having good hygiene is important for all people.  He or she will also learn how people like doctors and nurses help us when we are sick.   


Social Studies


            Students will learn about some ways people of different cultures and countries celebrate holidays. 


Red Ribbon Week Dress Up Days

March 2-6

Monday- Pajama and Stuffed Animal Day

Tuesday- Wear something that shows a circus animal or dress like a clown

Wednesday- Wear red and white or dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character

Thursday- Wear something from another place, like Florida or NY

Friday- Wear as many hats as you can


Upcoming Dates

Monday February 24th- Friday February 28th- No School- February Vacation

Monday March 2nd- Annual School Meeting at 6:00 in the Cafeteria

Thursday March 5th- Fisher Cats 5 Book Reading Challenge Ends

Friday March 6th- Progress reports go home

Tuesday March 9th- Annual Town Meeting at 6:00 in the Cafeteria

Thursday March 19th- Early Release Day K-12, 12:00 Dismissal

Friday March 20th- No School, Administrative Day


Have a great vacation!  See you in March!                                      

Mrs. Haynes