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Mrs. Haynes

December 13, 2019


Kindergarten Newsletter



Big Idea: How do changes affect us?

Question of the week: What happens when animals change?

Book: “Farfallina & Marcel” by Holly Keller

Genre: Animal Fantasy

Comprehension Skill: Plot

Amazing Words:

            Reflection- what we see when we look in a mirror

            Gosling- a baby goose

            Cocoon- the shell where a caterpillar turns into a butterfly

            Goose- a large water bird

            Butterfly- a flying insect with beautiful wings

            Caterpillar- an insect like a worm that spins a cocoon

Sight Words-

Phonics- /f/ Spelled Ff

Phonemic Awareness- Initial and Final /f/



Understanding Addition

            Students will learn to join two groups and decide how many there are in all.  Your child will also learn to represent joining situations as equations using the symbols + and =.



The Sun

            Students will learn that the sun provides light and heat for the Earth.  They will understand that the sun can only be seen during the day and will discuss sunrise and sunset. 


Social Studies


            Students will identify basic landforms, bodies of water and cardinal directions.  They will explain that maps and globes help locate places.


Holiday Party

            On Thursday December 19th, we will be celebrating our holiday party.  This year we have decided to do something a little different.  Instead of bringing in a $5 gift that we swap with someone else, we are asking that each student bring in a stocking to decorate our classroom for the holidays.  These stockings can be store bought or something you create together as a family and must be clearly labeled with your child’s name on it.  Please send in your child’s stocking anytime between now and Tuesday December 17th. 

            In addition to the stocking, if you are able to, please send in some small stocking stuffers for each child in the class (such as pencils, erasers, candy, crayons, hair ties, toy cars, etc.) so that we may stuff our stockings here at school.  We currently have 8 students in our class.  We will place the items that everyone brings in inside the stockings.  Please plan to send in the items no later than Tuesday December 17th.  Then during our holiday party we will un-stuff our stockings.   

           As for our party, if you plan to bring in any treats to share on that day, please plan for 8 students altogether.  Remember, we do have a student in our classroom with a citric allergy, so please keep that in mind when preparing the treats.  Here is a list of what everyone has signed up to bring so far:

Sweet Treat- Jayda

Fruit- Chase

Veggies & Dip- Annabelle & Charlotte

Drinks- Liam

Cheese, Crackers & Pepperoni- Emmett

Paper Products- Grace


Upcoming Dates

Friday December 13th- Progress Reports go Home, please sign one copy and return it and

            save the other copy for your records. 

Tuesday December 17th- Stocking and Stocking Stuffers

Thursday December 19th- Holiday Party

Monday December 23rd- Wednesday January 1st- No School- Christmas Vacation


Have a great weekend!  See you on Monday!                                                        

Mrs. Haynes