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Mrs. Haynes

November 17, 2017


Kindergarten Newsletter

            Our letter of the week this week was N, and over the course of this week, we practiced the proper way to make an uppercase and lowercase N as well as the sound that the letter B makes.  Our letter of the week next week will be the letter R and we will continue working on our word wall words.  After vacation our letter of the week will be D.   

            This week we began a new unit in mathematics dealing with ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.).  We will finish this unit next week.  After vacation we will begin a new unit dealing with geometry.  By the end of this unit, your child should be able to identify and sort basic plane shapes (circles, squares, rectangles and triangles) and basic solid shapes (cubes, spheres, rectangular prisms, cylinders, and cones) as well as recognize the relationship between the two.   

            Our science topic for this week was life.  The students learned to distinguish between living and nonliving things.  We discussed the basic needs of all living things- food, water, air and space to live in.  We also talked about how living things are alike in some ways and different in others.  Our social studies topic for the week after vacation will be plants.  We will discuss the many different kinds of plants that live in different environments on Earth.  We will also begin to recognize similarities and differences in plants.      

            Our social studies topic for this week was needs and wants.  The students learned to identify the difference between needs and wants.  They also learned how people work to earn money for the things they need and want.  We will continue this unit next week as well as learn about the First Thanksgiving. 


 Scholastic Book Orders

            Book orders were sent home last week and are due back on Tuesday November 21st.  If you would like to order anything from either book order you can make one check or money order for the lump sum payable to Scholastic Book Clubs.  If you would like to purchase these items for a holiday present, please let me know ahead of time and I will hold them for you to pick up when you get a chance.   


Winter Clothing

            As the weather’s getting colder, please make sure to pack your child’s winter clothing (coat, hat and mittens).  As soon as the snow starts sticking they’ll also need their snow pants and boots as we play outside for approximately a half hour each day. 


Word Wall Words

            I                       am                   the                   a                      to                     red

            blue                 have                 is                      purple              yellow              green

            we                    my                   like                  at                     as                     orange

            he                    for                   white                in                     it                      brown

            me                   with                 this                   by                    pink                 *an

            *can                 *black              ~and                ~did                 ~gray

(*will be introduced next week)

(~will be introduced the following week)


Upcoming Dates

            Tuesday November 21st- Book Order Due

            Wednesday, Thursday and Friday November 22nd, 23rd and 24th- Thanksgiving Break

            Friday and Saturday December 1st and 2nd- Music Theater Performance 7:00

            Wednesday December 6th- Early Release 12:00 Dismissal

            Friday December 8th- Grades Close for Progress Reports

            Wednesday December 20th- K-6 Music Concert 6:00

            Monday December 24th- Monday January 1st- Holiday Break


Happy Thanksgiving! 

Mrs. Haynes