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Mrs. Haynes

April 19, 2019


Kindergarten Newsletter

            This week we focused on the story “On the Move,” by Donna Latham and in particular, the comprehension skill of the plot of the story.  Our letter of the week this week was the letter Q and over the course of this week, we practiced the proper way to make an uppercase and lowercase Q, as well as the sound that the letters Qu make.  Our first list of 10 sight words for our sight word test on Friday May 3rd are listed at the bottom of this newsletter.  Please practice these words over the next two weeks.  Your child will need to not only read them but also be able to spell them.  After vacation we will also begin a new unit in mathematics dealing with place value. 

            Our science topic for this week was technology.  We discussed ways that technology can help make people’s lives better.  We also discussed tools that help us do work and how people cannot always make every tool that they think of.  Our science topic for after vacation will be what things are made of.  We will describe objects according to the materials they are made of and discuss how things are made of smaller parts.  We will also discuss how some materials can exist in different states (i.e. solid, liquid, and gas).

            Our social studies topic for this week was celebrating America.  We discussed ways that American symbols, holidays, and patriotic activities reflect the shared values, principles and beliefs of Americans.  We will continue working on this topic after vacation.        


Blooming Readers

            Please record your child’s reading minutes from Sunday March 31st- Saturday April 20th.  If your child has read (or is read to) for a least 100 minutes a week for those three weeks, they will receive a prize.  Minutes can also be awarded for time spent looking at books. 


Word Wall Words

            I                       am                   the                   a                      to                     red

            blue                 have                 is                      purple              yellow             green

            we                   my                   like                  at                     as                     orange

            he                    for                   white               in                     it                      brown

            me                   with                 this                  by                    pink                 an       

            can                   black                and                  did                   gray                 see

            look                 one                  zero                 all                    they                 you     

            of                     two                  or                     on                    three                that

            do                    are                   four                 five                  six                    seven

            not                   go                    here                 from                eight                has

            had                  no                    will                  so                     be                    his

            her                   what                was                  said                  nine                 ten

            where              come   


Amazing Words (vocab. Words that we will be discussing that relate to our reading story)

            Cable Car- a car pulled by a wire rope

            Horse-And-Buggy- a carriage pulled by a horse

            Metro Line- a train that runs underground through a city

            Trolley- a bus attached to wire for electric power

            Vaporetto- a boat that acts like a bus

            Skis- long boards that glide on top of snow


Word Wall List and Tests

            Throughout this school year in our weekly Kindergarten newsletter, I sent home a list of sight words your child needs to be able to read and write by the end of kindergarten.  Each Friday, starting today, I will send home a list of words from this list that your child needs to know by the following Friday.  During the school day each day, we will be practicing these words, but they will also need to be reinforced each night.  A good way to practice at home is by using flash cards as well as having them right them down.  Some other ideas include using Scrabble game tiles or typing them on a computer.  There are lots of great ways to practice these words, but please make sure to practice them at least 10 minutes each night so you will be sure that your child knows these words at the end of each week and the end of this school year.  Thank you. 


First Set of 10 Sight Words (Test on Friday May 3rd)

            -and                -his                  -said                -be                   -nine

            -this                 -green             -red                 -what              -is


Upcoming Dates                   

            Monday April 22nd-Friday April 26th- No School- April Vacation


Have a great vacation, see you on Monday!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Mrs. Haynes