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Mrs. Haynes

March 23, 2017


Kindergarten Newsletter

            Our letter of the week this week was V and over the course of this week, we practiced the proper way to make an uppercase and lowercase V as well as the sound that the letter V makes.  We also reviewed our word wall words and added three new words: what, was and said.  Our letter of the week next week will be Y and we will continue working on all of our word wall words so far. 

             This week we also continued working on our measurement unit.  By the end of this unit, your child should be able to compare the lengths of two objects, order three objects according to length in nonstandard units (such as paperclips, cubes, dominoes, etc.).  They should also be able to compare the weights of two objects, identify which of three objects is heaviest and lightest to order them by weight, and understand the use of a balance scale.  We will continue working on our measurement unit next week.

            Our social studies topic for this week was “Celebrating America.”  We discussed the ways that American symbols, holidays, and patriotic activities reflect the shared values, principles and beliefs of Americans.  Our social studies topic for next week will be consumers and producers.  We will discuss the difference between consumers and producers and between goods and services.  We will also discuss what needs and wants are and how people get the things that they need and want. 

               Our science topic for this week was energy.  We explored how matter and energy interact.  We also discussed how heat can be produced in different ways and that all living things need energy that comes from food.  Our science topic for next week will be “move it.”  We will discuss how things move (in a straight line, back and forth, fast, slowly, etc.).  We will also discuss how pushing or pulling an object can change how they move.     


Box Tops for Education

            Please send in Box Tops with your child anytime between now and Friday May 5th.


Sharing Schedule

             Our letter of the week next week will be the letter Y.  Our sharing schedule is as follows.


                        Monday                     Conner & Raygen

                        Tuesday                   Isabella & Cole

                        Wednesday              Amy-Lou & Dante

                        Thursday                  Hannah & Jaclyn

                        Friday                        Charla & Katie


Word Wall Words

            I                       am                   the                  a                      to                     red

            blue                have               is                     purple             yellow             green

            we                   my                   like                  at                     as                    orange

            he                   for                   white              in                     it                      brown

            by                    pink                me                   with                 this                  an

            can                 black               and                 did                   gray                see                             

            look                 one                 zero                all                    or                     on                              

            three               that                 do                    are                  four                 five

            six                   seven            not                  eight               has                 had

            go                    here                from                no                   will                  so

            be                    his                   her                  what               was                 said

            *nine              *ten

(*will be introduced next week)


Upcoming Dates

            Friday March 24th- No School- Administrative Day

            Tuesday April 4th- Grades Close Quarter 4

            Friday April 7th- Report Cards go Home

            Tuesday April 11th- Literacy Night NHS/NJHS

            Thursday April 13th- Last Day of Preschool

            Monday April 17th- Friday April 21st- No School (Spring Break)


Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Haynes