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Mrs. Haynes

October 4, 2019


Kindergarten Newsletter



Big Idea: How are animals and plants unique?

Question of the week:  How are flowers unique?

Book: “Flowers” by Vijaya Khisty Bodach

Genre:  Nonfiction

Comprehension Skill:  Compare and Contrast

Amazing Words:

            Seeds- the part of plants from which more plants grow

            Buds- the parts of plants that grow into flowers, leaves, or branches

            Bloom- to open into flowers

            Fruits- the parts of plants that have seeds inside them

            Stem- the part of the plant that supports the flowers and leaves

            Petals- the parts of a flower that are usually colored

Sight Words- is, have & purple

Phonics- /a/ Spelled Aa

Phonemic Awareness- Initial and Medial /a/              



Compare Numbers 0 to 5

            Students will compare groups of objects as well as their corresponding numbers.  This work allows for a deep understanding of the concepts of greater than, less than, equal and not equal. 



Science Safety

            Students will learn about the importance of safety in the science lab.  They will discuss some safety equipment and learn some basic rules for staying safe when doing investigations and making observations.  


Social Studies


            Students will understand calendar time (e.g., days, weeks, months).  Students will use words and phrases related to chronology and time.  


Upcoming Dates

TODAY Friday October 4th- Progress Reports go home

            *I have sent two copies home; please sign one copy and return it to school and keep

                        the other one for your records

Tuesday October 8th- School Picture Day

Thursday October 10th- Early Release 12:00 Dismissal

Friday October 11th- No School, Administrative Day

Thursday October 31st- Halloween

Friday November 1st- Report Cards go home


Have a great weekend!  See you on Monday!

Mrs. Haynes