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Ms. Merrill

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Merrill Ranch Newsletter

 Week of November 26th – November 30th

Math  Week 15 – Math Studies Weekly Topic:  Measure and Compare

The students will continue to develop measurement skills by comparing and ordering measurable attributes of objects directly.

Telling Time Review

Money Review


This Week’s Story:  Get the Egg!

Comprehension Skill:  Main Idea and Details

Comprehension Strategy:  Story Structure

Reviewing sight words for spelling test (saw, tree, small, your)

Spelling Words (men, ten, jet, bed, red, net, sled, step, leg, wet)

Reviewing amazing words and their meanings for a test on Friday

(habitat, survive, croak, hatch, chirp, moist)

Reading (“10 important sentences”) fluently for a test on Friday

Question of the week:  Which wild animals live in our neighborhood?

Grammar:  Interrogative Sentences – The students will learn that an interrogative sentence is a sentence that asks something. An interrogative sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a question mark.  They will learn to change a declarative sentences into an interrogative sentence. 

Writing: Writing realistic stories


Science Spin Topic:  Light Up the Night – The students will examine how light affects our ability to see and compare how light shines through different objects

Social Studies

Social Studies Weekly Topic:  Maps – The students will learn about the parts and purposes of maps.  They will identify physical features of maps and globes.


Study for Amazing Word Test - Test on Friday

Study for High Frequency Word Spelling Test – Test on Friday

Study 10 Important Sentences for Fluency Test – Test on Friday


Picture Re-takes Wednesday, November 28th

Early release – Wednesday, December 5th

Grades Close for Progress Reports – Friday, December 7

Pittsburg School Concert – Wednesday, December 19th 6:30 – 8:30