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Ms. Merrill



T.O.P. D.O.G.S.  Newsletter

(Thoughtful, Optimistic, Persevering, Determined, Outstanding, Growing Students)

Week of November 13th – 17th


50th Day of School celebration

Solving and writing word problems

Math Studies Weekly:  Add it Up – The students will understand addition as “putting together” or “counting on.”  They will solve problems involving addition problems in which the sum is less than 20.

IXL computer activities


Amazing Words:  needs, responsibility, shelter, cuddle, tickle, faithful, fetch, heel

High Frequency Words/ Spelling words: come, in, my, on, way

Phonics: short a and consonant pattern -ck

Phonemic Awareness:  distinguishing /a/

                                          Segment and count phonemes

                                          Rhyming Words

Grammar:  Recognizing the distinguishing features of a sentence (e.g. , first word, capitalization, and ending punctuation)

This week’s story – Sam Come Back!

Comprehension: Characters and setting

Writing – Journal writing using a story chart

Social Studies:

Scholastic News:  A Wampanoag’s Day – The children will learn what Wampanoag life was like long ago & write a diary entry about it.

Thanksgiving stories/Discussion about the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving

Science Spin – Go to Sleep Animals – The students will learn about the hibernation of different animals


50th day of school collection – Due Monday, November 13th

Amazing Word Test and Spelling test – Tuesday, November 21st


PEA Craft Fair: Sat. Nov. 11; 9:00-2:00; Bremer Pond Auditorium.

Red Ribbon Week – Week of November 13th – November 17th

50th Day of School Celebration – Monday, November 13th

Star Testing – Tuesday, November 14th

Picture Retakes: Tues. Nov. 14


Music Theatre Performance – Friday, Dec. 1st and Saturday, Dec. 2nd (7:00)



Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Veteran’s Day!