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Mrs. McGuire

First Grade Safari News:  December 2nd - December 6th

Grammar – Common Nouns and Proper Nouns

Reading –  

Benchmark Test for Unit 1

Unit 2 Topic:  Communities

Selection:  A Big Fish for Max

Amazing Words:  chore, cooperation, commute, downtown, rule, subway, display, household

Read Alouds:  A City

                          100th Day Worries

Phonics – digraphs – sh, th

                   Vowel sound of a in (ball)


Math – Topic 3:  Doubles, Doubles Plus One, and Making 10 to Add


Handwriting – The students will be working in a new handwriting book.  This will be extra practice for proper formation of each of the letters.


Writing – Friendlyo Letters



Scholastic News Topic:  It’s Winter Reindeer! – The students will identify parts of a reindeer’s body and learn how they help the animal adapt to its environment.


Social Studies Weekly Topic: The students will learn about the parts and purposes of maps.  They will identify physical features on maps and globes.

Spelling Words

fish                        rush                       Bonus words

with                       trash                     want and good

shop                     shut

ship                       shell

then                      thin

Homework:  Study spelling words for test on Friday



Friday, December 6th – Early Release


Friday, December 6th – Grades Close


Friday, December 13th – Progress Reports sent home


Shrek musical – Saturday, December  7th   6:30 – 10:00

                           Sunday, December 8th 3:00