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Ms. Merrill

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Merrill Ranch Newsletter

 Week of February 4th – February 8th


Mad Minute Test (sums up to 10)

Word Problems

Money Word Problems

Calendar Review

Math Assessment for Week 25

Sort and Solve activities

100th Day of School Activities – Please bring in 100 items in a bag (labeled) (For example – 100 M & M’s, 100 legos, 100 beads, etc.) This will be due on Monday, February 4th


The students will be taking their benchmark test for Unit 2.

The students will be introduced to their 3rd book in Reading Street.  The new Unit Title is Changes – We will be talking about what is changing in our world?

Question of the week:  How do places change?

This Week’s Story:  A Place to Play

Comprehension Skill:  Sequencing

Comprehension Strategy:  Summarizing

Reviewing sight words for spelling test (always, become, day, everything, nothing, stays, things)

Spelling Words (by, handy, lucky, my, try, fly, silly, sunny, cry, puppy)

Reviewing amazing words and their meanings for a test on Friday

(growth, public, teeter, makeshift, population, shuffle, crooked, spindly)

Reading (“10 important sentences”) fluently for a test on Friday

Grammar:  Action Verbs

Author Study – Hans de Beer


Science Spin Topic:  Push! Pull!

The students will compare and contrast types of forces and test them in a hands-on experiment.

Health Studies Weekly Topic:  Talk about Health – This unit focuses on using effective interpersonal communication skills that can improve health and ways to advocate for personal health and the health of family and community.  The students will learn how to express feelings and how to respond in a threatening or dangerous situation.

Science Studies Weekly Topic:  Homes – The students will learn about different habitats on Earth that plants and animals call home.  They will understand that some kinds of plants and animals that once lived on Earth are no longer alive but are similar to some living things that are.

Social Studies

Social Studies Weekly Topic:  Patriotism and Presidents

The students will expand their knowledge of presidents and other patriotic men and women in the U. S. prior to 1880 (George Washington, Betsy Ross, Crispus Attucks)

Scholastic News Topic:  America’s Bird

The students will analyze the reasons that the bald eagle is an American symbol.

Social Studies Weekly Topic:  Patriotism and Presidents

The students will learn about major elected officials (e.g., president, governor) and understand that there are sources of authority for those who make laws and rules.


Study for Amazing Word Test - Test on Friday

Study for High Frequency Word Spelling Test – Test on Friday

Study 10 Important Sentences for Fluency Test – Test on Friday

Please return field trip forms for the field trip March 15 if you haven’t already turned them in.





Order Forms for Carnations are due by – February 5th!

Valentine’s Day Party

            I am asking that each child bring in a valentine for each member of their class as well as for the kindergarten class, if they would like to make some for other children in other grades they may, but please make sure that each member in our class and kindergarten has one. 


Here is a current list of the four students in Pre-K/K and 10 students in grade 1:

            -Mia                 -Jack                -Harper                        -Jayda             

            -Dante              -Cole                -Bensen           -Brysen            -Conner

            -Khloe             -Jaclyn             -Jayde              -Justice                        -Aryonna


Here is a list of refreshments for our classroom party on Thursday February 14th, please remember we will be joining the kindergarten class, so if you are planning on bringing something in, please make sure you have enough for 14 students:

            Sweet Treat- Mia

            Fruit- Brysen and Bensen

            Veggie Platter with Dip- Khloe

            Drinks- Cole and Harper

            Popcorn- Conner

            Paper Products- Jaclyn and Harper

No School – February 18th – President’s Day

Grades close for Progress Reports – February 22nd

Winter Break – Week of February 23rd – March 1st