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Ms. Merrill

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Merrill Ranch Newsletter

 Week of September 17th – 21st


Math Assessment 6 (Kindergarten)

Math Studies Weekly Topic:  Working with Numbers – The students will use numbers to model, demonstrate and solve story problems that illustrate addition and subtraction.

Daily Calendar Review

Daily Number of the Day Review

Reviewing growing patterns (IXL)


Reviewing sight words for spelling test (like, the, one, we,)

Reviewing amazing words and their meanings for a test on Friday

(childhood, depend, entertain, adult, gallery, scurry, portrait)

Reading (“10 important sentences”) fluently for a test on Friday

Reading comprehension and fluency stories and answering questions by finding evidence from the passage.

Reading this week’s story – “Snap” – fiction (Children will determine who the characters are and what the setting is.) 

Question of the week:  Who is in our family?

Author Study:  Kevin Henkes – We have already read 2 of his stories:  Chrysanthemum and Wemberly Worried, Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse

This week we will read another story called Chester’s Way

Grammar:  Nouns (for places)

                    Rules Rabbit Game – The students have to find Rules Rabbit under a sight word they must be able to read.

Writing: The students will be writing complete sentences in an alphabet book they will be making.

The students will be writing and in their writer’s notebook.


Science Studies Weekly Topic:  Science Tools! – The students will learn about some common science tools and discuss scientific investigations.

Social Studies

Scholastic News Topic:  That’s So Polite – The children will learn ways to be polite and act them out in role-playing scenarios, as well as practice writing polite words.

Social Studies Weekly – Rules & Responsibility – The students will discuss similarities and differences in rules and responsibilities at home and at school.  They will also learn about responsibilities of authority figures at home and school.


Study for Amazing Word Test  - Test on Friday

Study for High Frequency Word Spelling Test – Test on Friday

Study 10 Important Sentences for Fluency Test – Test on Friday


Scholastic Book Fair – Sept. 24th – Sept. 28th

Pittsburg School Open House – Wed. September 26th 5:00  -7:00

5:00 – Spaghetti Dinner

5:30 – 6:30 – Book Fair Family Night

6:30 – 7:30 – Classrooms open

Grades Close for Progress Reports – Friday, Sept. 28th

Mums for Sale: Pittsburg School will be selling mums soon with proceeds going to benefit the cultural enrichment program. The flowers will be available in about two weeks. Please plan to stop by and pick up a beautiful mum or two.  Thank you.