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Mrs. McGuire

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First Grade Safari News – Week of October 14th – October 18th


Grammar – Understanding that a sentence is a group of words that tells a complete idea.

Reading –  We will be starting the 1st  First Grade Book for this year.

Selection:  Sam, Come Back!

Vocabulary – Amazing Words:  needs, responsibility, shelter, cuddle, tickle, faithful, fetch, heel

Read Alouds:  A Hamster for Ana

                         “Just Fur Fun” and “Hedgehog”

Phonics – Short a

                  Consonant pattern - ck


Math – Topic 2 expands on what students learned related to solving addition and subtraction problems to 10.  The students will learn strategies to develop fluency with adding and subtracting within 10.  Strategies include counting on and counting back, using doubles and near doubles, adding with 5, adding to 10, adding in any order, using a number line and thinking addition to subtract.


Handwriting – The students will review writing the letters Aa – Dd.

Writing – The students will be writing stories.  The stories will include a  beginning, middle, and end.  The stories will include characters and a setting.

Scholastic News Topic:  Night Sky – The students will identify objects in the night sky, discuss the moon’s patterns, and describe ways to observe them.

Social Studies Weekly Topic:  Columbus Day Discussion and activities

Upcoming Events

Halloween Party - NJHS/NHS

WhenTues.,, October 29, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

 Spelling Words

can         bat          back

mad         dad         sack

cat          at            Bonus Words:

ran          am           way and come 

Homework:  Study spelling words for test on Friday


Have a wonderful weekend!