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Ms. Merrill

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Merrill Ranch Newsletter


 Week of May 13th – May 17th




Review of different tools used for measuring


Review of using the number line


Review of ordering and comparing numbers


Review of place value


Review of adding 3 single-digit numbers


Review of addition and subtraction of numbers through 100.


Problem solving involving addition and subtraction using strategies that have been taught






New Unit Topic:  Treasures


This Week’s Story:  Southern Ranch


Question of the week – Why do we treasure special places?


Comprehension Skill: Facts and Details


Reviewing sight words for spelling test  (above, eight, laugh, moon, and touch)


Spelling Words (lie, tie, pie, might, bright, light, right, tight, night, high


Reviewing amazing words and their meanings for a test on Friday


(impression, favorite, errand, familiar, memory, stampede)


(Reading (“10 important sentences”)


Grammar Topic:  Adjectives that tell what kind (scary, silly, funny)




Science Studies Weekly – What Are Things Made Of? – The students will explore the idea that objects can be described by the materials they are made of and that many things are made of smaller parts.  They will learn that materials can exist in different states and understand the difference between solids and liquids.


Scholastic News Topic – Helping Hippos – The students will analyze the problem of endangered animals and explain how people are working to help the pygmy hippo.


Science Spin Topic – Animals That Stay Cool – The students will identify ways that animals – including humans – stay cool in the heat.


Social Studies


Social Studies Weekly Topic:  Communities – The students will learn about ways location, weather, and the environment affect people in different communities.  They will compare life in their community with life in other places.


Memorial Day discussion and activities




Year End Countdown activities – Starting on Monday we will have 25 days left of school.  We are going to do a fun activity for each letter of the alphabet as we count down the days of school.  We already did letter A on Friday.


Monday will be letter B  - Bubble Day!  The students will have fun blowing bubbles!


Tuesday will be letter C – Camouflage Day! – Have the students wear their camo gear!


Wednesday will be letter D – Doughnut Day! – The students will have doughnuts at snack time!


Thursday will be letter E – Exercise Day! – We will be doing lots of exercises throughout the day!  Wear your comfy clothes!


Friday will be Favorite Book Day! – Bring in your favorite book from home to share with the class!




Study for Amazing Word Test - Test on Friday


Study for Spelling Test and High Frequency word test – Friday




Progress Reports distributed Friday, May 17th




Pittsburg School Concert – Thursday, May 23rd (6:30 -8:30)




Memorial Day – no school – Monday, May 27th