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Ms. Merrill

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T.O.P. D.O.G.S.  Newsletter

(Thoughtful, Optimistic, Persevering, Determined, Outstanding, Growing Students)

Week of April 30th – May 4th


Math Studies Weekly  Topic:  Students will develop fluency with problem solving involving word clues and mathematical symbols for addition and subtraction. They will use various strategies to find unknowns.


Story – Unit 3.3 – Jan’s New Home

Big Question:  Why are Changes Exciting?

Amazing Words:

1. arrive – get there

2. depart – leave

3. location – place where something is

4. route – the way you go to get somewhere

5. swoop – move down suddenly

6. tumble – to roll or toss about

7. crumple – crush something into wrinkles

8. stampede – wild rush of animals or people


Spelling Words:

1. bus

2. buses

3. class

4. classes

5. fix

6. fixes


High Frequency Words:

1. away

2. car

3. friends

4. house

5. our

6. school

7. very




7. kiss

8. kisses

9. wish

10. wishes


Grammar:  Verbs That Do Not Add -s


Phonics:  Ending –es, Plural-es, and r-Controlled or, ore


Comprehension:  Theme


 Social Studies

Character Education Weekly :  Harriet Tubman – Discusses tolerance, diversity, understanding, and unity; emphasizes the importances of appreciating  differences and the necessity for respecting and obeying those in authority.

Social Studies Weekly Topic:  Goods and Services – The students will know the differences among buyers, sellers and producers and between goods & services.  They will recognize that money can be used in the exchange of goods and services.


Scholastic News Topic:  Sunflower Snack – The children will learn about plant defenses, as well as use text evidence to write a letter about what they learned.

Science Spin Topic:  One Cool Seed – The children will learn how a coconut seed travels to find a good place to grow.


Amazing Word Test and Spelling/High Frequency Word testFriday, May 4th


Spring Break – April 23rd – April 27th

Have a wonderful weekend!