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Mrs. Pariseau

December 2018-January 2019

December 7, 2018-Grades Close-Progress Reports
December 14, 2018-Progress Reports Go home
December 19, 2018-Christmas concert-6:30
December 21, 2018-Class Christmas Party
December 24-January 1, 2019-Christmas Break
January 4, 11,  25, 2019-Swim/Skate
January 17, 2019-Grades close-Report Cards
January 18, 2019-Administration Day- No school
January 21,2019-Civil Rights Day-No School
January 22, 2019-Start of Second Semester
January 25, 2019-Report Cards Go Home 

Spelling Words

Grade 3                                                        Grade 2
Syllable Patterns V/CV, VC/V                       r-Controlled ar, or,ore
finish                                                             hard
pilot                                                               born
even                                                              horse
wagon                                                           before
music                                                            more
silent                                                             smart
rapid                                                             farm
female                                                          porch
lemon                                                           corn
pupil                                                             chore
focus                                                            score
robot                                                            part
tulip                                                              pull
camel                                                           break

Language Arts/Grammar

Grade 2

Grade 3
Common and Proper Nouns


Every educator has a different style of teaching and grading.  The following is a list of my class expectations which will be implemented for this school year:

-All subjects will be graded from daily work, homework, tests, and participation
-Tests will count for two grades
-Written homework that is late will have 5 points taken off each day until it is brought in (this will also apply to work that is not completed in school within a reasonable amount of time)

Once again, the school has registered your child in the IXL online math program.  A note was sent home with your child's username and password so he/she has access to the program at home. If you cannot find the password or username, I will be happy to send home another copy.


Mrs. Karen Pariseau