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Mrs. Pariseau

June, 2019

Specials-Semester 2

Grade 2
Mon.-Phys. Ed
Tues.-Phys. Ed
Friday-Art, SAP

Grade 3
Mon.-Music, SAP
Wed.-Phys. Ed
Thurs.-Phys. Ed
Fri.-Art, Keyboard

June 4,2019-Bike Rodeo-Sponsored by Kiwanis
June 7, 2019-Grades Close
June 10, 2019-Wellness Day
June 12, 2019-Grade k-3 Field Trip
June 13, 2019-Field Day Sponsored by Key Club
June 13,2019-School Lunch BBQ
June 14, 2019-Report Cards Go Home
June 14,2019-Last Day of School-Dismissal-12:00

Spelling Words
Grade 3                                                              Grade 2

thumb                                                                    sooner
gnaw                                                                     soonest
written                                                                   hotter
know                                                                     hottest
climb                                                                     busier
design                                                                   busiest
wrist                                                                      happier
crumb                                                                    happiest
assign                                                                   smaller
wrench                                                                  smallest
knot                                                                       fatter
wrinkle                                                                  fattest
lamb                                                                     money
knob                                                                     question

 Language Arts/Grammar

Grade 3
Present, Past, and Future Tenses

Grade 2
More About Verbs

Every educator has a different style of teaching and grading.  The following is a list of my class expectations which will be implemented for this school year:

-All subjects will be graded from daily work, homework, tests, and participation
-Tests will count for two grades
-Written homework that is late will have 5 points taken off each day until it is brought in (this will also apply to work that is not completed in school within a reasonable amount of time)

Once again, the school has registered your child in the IXL online math program.  A note was sent home with your child's username and password so he/she has access to the program at home. If you cannot find the password or username, I will be happy to send home another copy.


Nrs. Karen Pariseau