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Ms. Underhill

 Remote Learning Announcements and Resources 2020

Hello third and fourth graders! 
    I miss all of you and hope that you take this time to learn each day just as if you would if you were at school.
    I hope all of you are well and healthy. Make sure you are taking precautions with germs and wash your hands often. 
    Be sure you practice math facts at home. It is very important to not only know the facts, but to be able to do them quickly.  The more practice you do with multiplication, the easier division and fractions will be. 
     I look forward to keeping you posted and using this page to pass along information.  If you have questions and or concerns at any point, please feel free to contact me at the numbers given in your home bag. 
Happy Learning!

Ms. U.

 Sing along and keep up if you can!!!

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