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Ms. Underhill

 March 2017

Welcome to the Third and Fourth Grade! 

        We are continuing to progress academically each day, and we have some great things happening over the next few weeks.

         In math we are reviewing multiplication with multi-digit whole numbers, division with one and two digit dividends and divisors  and we just began our unit on fractions.  Needless to say it is a bit overwhelming if your student does not know their math facts.  As most of you know, it can not be a skill that is just practiced at school.   Please encourage your student to practice math facts at home. It is very important to not only know the facts, but to be able to do them quickly.  The more practice they do with multiplication, the easier division and fractions will be.   
        For language our focus is on grammar skills and writing. We have been creating some great stories and can't wait to share everything we come up with.  We are working on sentence structure and main ideas.  Currently we are typing our  "Baby Dragon" stories at the computer lab.  Once stories are typed in, we will work on editing and importing pictures from the internet.  Some students have already hand drawn pictures and we are trying to insert those onto our documents.  Mrs. Dorman has been a great help with our computer skills!
     I look forward to keeping you posted and using this page to pass along information.  If you have questions and or concerns at any point, please feel free to contact me at school.
Happy Learning! 

Ms. U.

 Sing along and keep up if you can!!!

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