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Ms. Underhill


Welcome to the Third and Fourth Grade!  

     Welcome back everyone!  It was great seeing so many families participate in this year's open house.  If you were unable to come, feel free to set time up with me to visit our classroom.  We are off to a great start and already have done some pretty awesome projects. 
    Please encourage your student to practice math facts at home. It is very important to not only know the facts, but to be able to do them quickly.  The more practice they do with multiplication, the easier division and fractions will be. 
 We spent time this week going over how to use a multiplication table to help with our facts.   Fourth grade is working on a review of multi-digit multiplication and third grade just started working with the tables using numbers 0-12.   
        For language our focus is on grammar skills and writing. We have been creating some great stories and can't wait to share everything we come up with.  We are working on sentence structure and main ideas.  Once stories are finished, it is our plan to type some of them to practice our keyboard skills!  
We will work on editing and importing pictures from the internet as well.   
     I look forward to keeping you posted and using this page to pass along information.  If you have questions and or concerns at any point, please feel free to contact me at school. 
Happy Learning!

Ms. U.

 Sing along and keep up if you can!!!

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