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Music News

    Ms. Sharon Pearson         spearson@csd.sau7.org                
2018-2019:    At Pittsburg School Monday & Thursdays, 10:00-3:00 &  Full-day Fridays 

K-8 Music History Unit: 
1960s in Music

All classes are learning about different aspects of life in the 1960s, and especially the relationships between cultural events and music.  

What were those significant events in the news?  How did they impact music, and how did music impact life?   
The "where were you when?" interviews with grades 3-8 have been really interesting to compile.  

Each class has a different focus on the decade, as they and the chorus all learn some of the most (ahem), "noteworthy" songs to present at the May concert.  All are learning a little bit about "Skiffle," The British Invasion & The Beatles;  and the American Folk Revival.  

Grades 7 & 8 students are studying the various genres of the decade, and the key artists of each.  They'll be sharing their printed & power point reports with each other.  They're also learning the essentials of playing Guitar -- and will be working on learning at least 3 of the most common chords.  

Grades 5 & 6  will focus on each of the songs & songwriters of the spring program, and Grade 6 students will create displays to share these music history discoveries.   Grade 5 students will be creating "skiffle" instruments -- ask them about this style.  You can also ask them... "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?"  (Lonnie Donegan) 
They're also learning to play two more pitched classroom instruments, reading music note by note -- what a huge amount of skills this takes to put together as individual musicians, and as an ensemble!  

Grades 3 & 4 will be taking their skiffle & folk songs beyond "just singing" and adding percussion instruments and some dance steps. Coordinating these physical and musical skills is tricky - but lots of fun to put together.
Their history focus will include the toys, games & other entertainments of the 60s.  
 "What did people DO without technology in those olden days, anyway?"

Grades 2 and 1 are always working on keeping and understanding what a steady beat is, new rhythm patterns, and recognizing what these look like with symbols and chanted sounds.  Singing builds pitch-matching, how they move, and differences in tone & timbre. Movement, building their classroom song & game repertoire, and exploring classroom instruments are all part of every class.

Kindergarten: perpetual motion!  Adding movement, expression, new rhythms and basic childhood songs all build literacy in language and music.  Vocabulary, rhyming, diction, sequencing, and simply staying together are ongoing elements -- but disguised as simply fun songs! 
* * *

Meet the Orchestra!   
What are the instrument families?  What makes them a family? What do they sound like?  How are they played?  Which ones can WE play?  
            Instruments:  Tambourines, rhythm sticks, klaves, boomwhackers, jingle bells, woodblock, bongos, sandblocks, maracas, and even a washboard.  And of course, some drums!  
            Vocabulary:  strike, scrape, tap, shake, rattle;  mallet, & striker -- never "hit" 
 Ahead  Keyboards,  Woodwinds,  Brass,  Strings

Meet the Composer!
What IS a "Composer" and What DO they do?  

This series of lessons for grades 3-8 introduces students to some of the most famous people and pieces in past and present music culture.  

North Country 
Music Festival  
Pittsburg School will send its top 2 most-committed singers to this regional event on March 13 in Littleton.  Congratulations to CALEB TUFTS & AUSTEN KEYSER!    Ms. Pearson will also be representing the district as Festival Accompanist.
Save the Dates!

Annual Spring Concert:  Thursday, May 23
6:30 pm

SAU7 Ensembles Concert: 
(Choruses & Bands)
Wednesday, May 29 at the Tillotson Center 
6:30 pm

Help wanted!    Need community service?  In January, the costume closet must be organized, and the music library needs some secretaries.   Sign up to help out!  

Students may sign up for private or in-pairs sessions to learn to play an instrument, or work on music reading & vocal skills.  

Grade 5&6 students will begin an instrumental unit & lessons in January.