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Music News

    Ms. Sharon Pearson         spearson@csd.sau7.org                
2018-2019:    At Pittsburg School Monday & Thursdays, 10:00-3:00 &  Full-day Fridays  

Annual Tradition!

December 19
6:30 pm

Grades K-6 and the SAU7 Combined Chorus! 
Featuring the music of holiday stories and shows

Colebrook Ensembles Concert:  The SAU7 Chorus will also perform Thursday, December 13 at 6:30 pm at the CES gym.  

* * *

Meet the Composer!
What IS a "Composer" and What DO they do?  

This series of lessons for grades 3-8 introduces students to some of the most famous people and pieces in past and present music culture.  So far: 

* Edvard Grieg & The Peer Gynt Suite
* Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky & The Nutcracker Suite 

Music Monsters!   
Ta, Ti-Ti, and a Troll

Kindergarten:   We've been learning a variety of childhood songs which help young ears & voices begin to match pitches, rhythms & movements,  together.   A favorite has been "Naughty Kitty" -- and of course, "Baby Shark."  (More recently.... "Baby Elf!")

Grade 1:   This class has enjoyed  moving up from their kindergarten class and into the music classroom.   The big, bright space allows for more freedom to move along to music they hear and sing; and as they learn a new repertoire of passing and following songs.   
Working on concert songs and how we can show and sing our stories has been our focus since late fall.    

Grade 2: These six girls have been enthusiastic for nearly every song, dance, and concept we've played with this year.   Early-American folk dances and song-games will re-appear in January, along with rhythm-reading and playing work using the "Ta, Ti-ti" chants and symbols.  

Grade 3 & 4: This class was introduced to the "Meet the Composer" series of lessons by learning about Edvard Grieg.  His "Peer Gynt Suite" includes ""In the Hall of the Mountain King," which the class was able to play along with on rhythm instruments by reading the Ta/Ti-ti/"Ha" notations.    

Grade 5&6:   Classes have been extra-focused on building skills in reading notes on the staff, rhythm values and counting, and collaborating as a beginning ensemble.  Recorders, boomwhackers, xylophones, and other classroom instruments are all actively in use; and concert songs were provided as "real music" to be studied.   Students have also begun learning about creating compositions.

Grade 7&8: This class has been playing some catch-up with skills in reading music, rhythms, listening, and working together to create music.  Keyboard and Guitar units are starting in January! 

"The Addams Family" Musical was a frighteningly fun show to produce.  Congratulations to cast & crew!  

and now....
CHORUS meets on Mondays, Thursdays, & alternating Fridays during last period (study hall).
Open to all grade 7-12 students.

North Country Music Festival:  
Pittsburg School will send its 5 most-committed singers to this regional event in March, in Littleton.   Stay tuned for the list of selected students!    Ms. Pearson will also be representing the district as Festival Accompanist.

Help wanted!    Need community service?  In January, the costume closet must be organized, and the music library needs some secretaries.   Sign up to help out!  

Students may sign up for private or in-pairs sessions to learn to play an instrument, or work on music reading & vocal skills.  

Grade 5&6 students will begin an instrumental unit & lessons in January.