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Dear Parents & Guardians,

      The school year has nearly come to an end. I am not sure where the time has gone but here we are. Graduation plans are settled, the remainder of testing is being completed, and kindergarten registration for next year took place today, May 10th, 2018. In addition, courses have been selected by high school students, so please be looking for your son or daughters selections and make arrangements with Dawn Pettit in the guidance office if you wish to discuss the course description or possible changes.

    We have some exciting new course offerings for next year here in Pittsburg. David Covill will be offering Running Start Business Law and College Accounting. Running Start courses offer dual credit, meaning the student will receive both high school and college credit for the course. John Daly will be offering Running Start English Comp. April Wallace will be co-teaching with Emily Bernhardt to bring the students an exciting course that allows the students to receive a physical science credit or a physical education credit. There is a large outdoor component to the course that offers the students the chance to have a hands-on and minds-on educational experience connected to their lives.  April Wallace will also be offering an AP-(Advanced Placement)  Physics course,  Tammy Jeralds will continue with her Teacher Ed program, which provides the students with the opportunity to earn up to16 college credits. and finally, Emilie Smith will be offering AP Psychology. The aforementioned courses will allow for the students to obtain dual credit in the same manner that the Running Start courses do or in the case of the Teacher Ed course, up to 16 credits.

    In closing, please make sure to view our calendar and put the upcoming games and events on your calendar.  We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming softball and baseball games as well our spring concert.  Thanks for your time.


Elaine B. Sherry

Principal, Pittsburg School