Food and Nutrition

Food Service Program

The Food Service Program is provided to students and is intended to be a user-funded enterprise; however, the program is supplemented by federal and state funding.  Breakfast and  lunch meals are available to students and staff who wish to purchase them. The charge to students and staff for breakfast and lunch shall be determined annually by the School Board.  The charge for meals shall be published annually in the local newspaper and on the school website.  The school district offers a snack milk or juice program to students and payment must be received in advance in order to participate in this program, regardless of income eligibility.

The School Board will offer parents a prepayment plan for all meals and snacks.  The plan is not intended as a credit plan.  The Abbey Group, food service management company, uses the Meals Plus computer point of sale system to track student account transactions.   Payment will be accepted on a periodic basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc..) and is due prior to a charge on the student’s account.  Meals Plus allows users to deposit money or make payments on account for a nominal fee or send a check (cash) directly to the cafeteria the first of the week.  Please mark your student’s name and or account number clearly.  Student’s accounts must maintain a positive balance.

No student will be subject to different treatment from the standard school lunch meal or cafeteria procedures.  This policy is adopted to ensure that all students have access to healthy school meals.

The food service director will send an account balance notification letter weekly, if the account is in arrears.  The building principal will be notified of any account balances that are $10 or more in arrears, and parents will be asked to arrange a payment plan.

Parents can track their child’s purchase history at no cost by setting up an online account through the Abbey Group website. They can also request a printed purchase history from the cafeteria site supervisor.  Parents may place restrictions on their child’s account, allowing them greater control over what their child purchases from the cafeteria. Parents may also freeze a child’s account so no purchases may be made. This in no way exempts a parent from the responsibility to provide a nutritious meal for their child. All requests for restrictions or freezing of accounts should be communicated to the food service director.

The District shall make available to all children of low economic means and children of moderate-income families experiencing financial difficulties free or reduced-priced meals as offered by the federal program.  Applications or inquiries can be made to the Office of the Superintendent at 237-5571. The District may pursue legal means to recoup money owed as well as the cost of collection.

Adopted – August 16, 2016