Photo of New Hampshire
Perhaps you are visiting our school's website for the first time and would like to learn a little bit about our fine town.  Did you know that our school is in the northernmost town in the whole state of New Hampshire?  We are actually one of the largest townships in the United States.  At one point, our little town actually seceded from the Union and became known as the Indian Stream Republic.  That's right!  We were an independent country from 1832-1835.  Following this link will lead you to more information about the Indian Stream Republic.  

We are so large area-wise that back in olden times we had many schools here in Pittsburg.  That was in the days before cars when students were expected to walk to school or to use horses for transportation.  We still have several of the old schools  standing and one, the Indian Stream Schoolhouse, was recently renovated.  Each fall our first graders visit that school and spend the day there to get an idea of what it must have been like to be a student there in the olden days.

Though our town takes up lots of area land-wise, we have a fairly small population.  Here in Pittsburg, we sometimes say that there are more moose and deer than there are people!  Folks from all over the place love to travel to Pittsburg in order to take advantage of all of the outdoor activities that we are known for such as snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, hiking, camp, riding four-wheelers and much more.

If you would like to learn more about our town and all that it has to offer, please visit our town's official website.  We hope that you might enjoy visiting here sometime.