Dear Seniors,
          Welcome back for your last year here at Pittsburg School!  I hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing summer.  This year will be very busy for you and you will have a lot to do before the end of the school year.  I hope that you are up for the challenge and excitement of it all!
          You will find a lot of information about what you should be doing during each month of this school year.  This information will help you through the process of figuring out what college you want to attend, when you need to have your applications, essays, recommendations, and scholarships done, what branch of the military you might want to join, or what job you might want to get hired for.  Whatever you choose to do in your future, you will start by knowing what to do and when to do it.  I will be available to assist you in your endeavors and I hope that you will utilize the guidance office as much as you need to throughout the year!
Best Wishes,
Mrs. Pettit

Things you need to do/know in . . .
·         Meet with your friendly guidance counselor to review graduation requirements
·         Ask teachers and employers for letters of recommendation
·         Send for admissions applications
·         Talk with college representatives at our College Fair on September 23rd!!!
·         Get started on college and scholarship application essays by writing sample drafts
·         Attend your financial aid session at your school with your Parents/Guardians
·         Work on your and your parents financial records to prepare for the FAFSA
·         Talk to your parents about college costs
·         Finalize a list of schools to which you will apply
·         Fill out and mail in any early decision applications
·         Take the SAT’s if needed (most four year colleges require them)
·         Collect recommendations from teachers and employers
·         Talk with college representatives
·         Start applying for scholarships from private organizations
·         File for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon
·    File-A-FAFSA will be announced     
·         Start to fill out the applications for the colleges that you have chosen. Continue to collect all the essential paperwork to complete your college application (recommendations, 1st quarter report card, essays, financial information, health information, etc.)
·         Visit college campuses that you are interested in.
·         Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
·         Collect your recommendations from your teachers and employers
·         Continue to fill out and try to complete (keep in mind the college application deadlines) your college applications
·         Begin to mail or submit your completed applications!
·         Work, work, work!!!
·         Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
·         Make sure that you check your college’s deadlines, many colleges close applications now!
·         Semester one grades will be mailed to colleges this month.  How are you doing?  Make sure that your friendly guidance counselor has names and addresses of your colleges.
·         Continue to collect recommendations from  your teachers and/or employers
·         Mail or submit those applications!!!
·         Enjoy your Civil Rights’ Day!!!

·         Keep a copy of all the paperwork that you mail or submit
·         Check with your college for their own financial aid forms and deadlines
·         Complete federal and college financial aid packages
·         Are you entering the world of work?  Then build a basic resume, practice interviews, and go over job applications.
·         Contact potential employers to let them know you will be available.  Remember that their first impression may determine whether or not you are invited back.
·         Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
·         Remember that colleges require final grades before committing to you – so do your best!
·         Local scholarships will be distributed.
·         Wait for admissions letters and financial aid packages
·         Compare offers, weigh your options, make decisions, and notify the college of your choice.
·         Make sure that you have visited the college of your choice.
·         Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!
·         Local scholarship applications and essays are close to being due.
·         Schedule job interviews if you are going into the world of work.
·         Have a Happy Easter!!!
·         Local scholarship applications and essays are due.
·         Notify colleges that you have decided not to attend.
·         Check deadlines for housing, financial aid, etc.
·         Entering the work force?  Go back to the employer of choice.
·         Keep working on those grades and apply the finishing touches on a job well done.
·         Have a Happy Memorial Day!!!
·         Have you done all that you needed to get done?
·         Are you ready?
·         Great – now you get to walk the walk!!!
·         Check one last time with your friendly guidance counselor to be sure that your final transcript gets mailed to your school, the military, or employer.
·         Enjoy the fruits of your hard work.
·         Happy Graduation!!!